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There's no place like your Jewish home

We have you coverd

Chabad Bermuda complements the vibrant Jewish life in Bermuda as a warm family home amidst a sandy backdrop.

An island can present a challenge to Jewish observance, but Chabad Bermuda has your back with all kinds of resources to make your life meaningful and easy.

Mezuzah? Tefillin? Shabbat candles?

Given with love, from our family to you.

The Sunday Wrap

Men, this one's for you. 

Join the guys for wrapping tefillin, reciting shema and shacharit, followed by a 100% kosher delicious breakfast and schmoozing.

TBC @ Chabad

*No prior knowledge or tefillin required.


Your Jewish Security System

Nothing marks a Jewish home more than the mezuzah on the right side of the doorpost.

The mezuzah protects you and connects you.

Add a touch of Jewish pride to your Bermuda home office with a mezuzah from Chabad Bermuda.

Chat with us to receive your mezuzah

or get help placing it in your home

Eat Jewish

Ready to take the leap and go Kosher?

The kosher home is a foundation of Jewish life. Deciding to make your home kosher is an exciting decision that doesn't have to overwhelm you.

Whether your kitchen is modern or dates from an earlier era, you can easily adapt it to kosher practices.

Chat with us and we'll help you make it happen.

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Your Rabbi-on-call

Brit milah, upsherin, bar and bat mitzvah, marriage, retirement, loss and mourning...

From birth to death,

there is a Jewish way to mark the milestone.

Chat with Rabbi Chaim for a warm, non-judgemental local Bermuda Rabbi available to meet your Jewish needs.

Around the Year with Chabad

Special occasions are best celebrated together.

Join us in celebrating Shabbat and Jewish holidays as a community.

From the solemn High Holidays, to the grand lighting of the menorah, to the craziest Purim bash in Bermuda, you are part of the family and part of the fun.

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