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Your Kosher Kitchen in 10

The Hebrew word “kosher” literally means “fit.”

The laws of kosher define the foods that are fit for consumption for a Jew.

This includes which animals are consumed, how food is prepared, and even how and when it is served.

Some of your pots, pans and dishes will undergo a koshering process.

Others may need to be replaced.


You will use separate pots, dishes, cutlery, and dishwashing utensils for meat and dairy products.

You will wait a prescribed amount of time between meat and dairy.

Foods that are neither can be enjoyed at any time.


Your kosher fish will have fins and scales.

You will buy fish with some skin on so that they are clearly identifiable as kosher fish.


Your milk will come from a kosher animal and may have been monitored during milking

to confirm that it came from a kosher animal. Your cheese will have a kosher seal.


Your meat will come from kosher animals that have split hooves and chew the cud.

They will be slaughtered by a particularly humane method (shechita), with blood and fat removed.

Your poultry will have a long tradition of kosher consumption.


Your packaged goods carry a reputable kosher symbol

showing that all those chemicals and processes have been monitored and are indeed kosher.


Your wine will have a kosher symbol showing that it was properly made.

Hundreds of famous wines are made today under rabbinic supervision, so you can raise a fine glass and say “L'Chayim!”


Your baked goods and bread will be baked by an observant Jewish person or bear a reputable kosher symbol.


Your kosher eggs will come from a kosher bird.

When you crack a raw egg, inspect it for blood spots. Discard if found.


All fruits and vegetables are fine to eat, provided they are not infested with creepy-crawlies.

Before eating, you will wash and check your produce to enjoy a bug-free meal.


More about Kosher

Going Shopping?

Look here for your guide to buying Kosher in Bermuda.

Thinking of going kosher?

Contact Rabbi Chaim now for a no-obligation conversation.

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