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A warm island home for every Jew

Bermuda. Tourism. Economy. Locals. A center of attraction for thousands of Jews.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of business and pleasure, a corner of Bermuda evokes a warm feeling of home. A touch of excitement. A touch of tradition. An addition to Bermuda's close Jewish community, sustained by the tireless efforts of the Elkinsons.

Chabad meets YOU wherever you are

●  Looking for the comfort of a bowl of homemade chicken soup?

●  Or for an easy way to make lasting friendships?

●  Or maybe you need support to cope with life's pressures?

●  Or for resources to encourage you in your Jewish lifestyle?

●  Or are you curious to explore your Jewish birthday?

Chabad invites you to step inside



Our Values

Your Judaism, Your Chabad

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Every Jew Matters

A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. Regardless of your affiliation or religious affiliation, you belong simply because you are you. Driven by the inspiration and teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Chabad lives by the maxim "Love every Jew as you love yourself." Our goal is for every Jew who walks through our doors to feel valued, cared for, and supported.


Authentic Judaism can be modern and appealing

Who says that religious observance is boring? Classic, modern and beautiful events bring traditional observance into the 21st century in a relevant way. With a consistent, classy Jewish presence, Chabad helps you celebrate your birthright.


Your Jewish spark, your Judaism

You have an indispensable contribution to make to the entirety of the Jewish people. Never underestimate the value of a single good deed or Torah study. We make Judaism accessible and relevant so that you can take ownership of your Judaism in a meaningful way.

Meet the Birnhacks

Co-Directors of Chabad Bermuda

Rabbi Chaim Birnhack

Grew up in Israel and graduated from Central Chabad Yeshivas in Kfar Chabad, Israel, and Brooklyn, NY. Throughout his years, he had many hands-on opportunities to connect with and assist other Jews. As a rabbinical student, Rabbi Chaim visited small Jewish communities around the world, organized Passover Seders and supported community and educational programs. He also led camps and children's programs in Israel, volunteered as a prison chaplain, and completed internships as a rabbi in USA, Argentina, Germany, and Costa Rica.

Menuchy Birnhack

Grew up in Israel and has a degree in education. She has directed various children's programs in Israel, including summer camps in Israel and the Netherlands. Menuchy also taught an interactive, popular course on Kabbalistic thought at a high school in London for two years.


Rabbi Chaim and Menuchy spent a year in Hong Kong in 2019 as program directors at Chabad of Central Hong Kong. In this role, they organized a wide range of programs and activities, including Torah classes, youth programs, Shabbat dinners, and vacation programs. When Covid came along, they explored the concept of establishing Chabad in Bermuda. Given the enthusiastic response and obvious need, the Birnhacks are proud to call Bermuda home.

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Our Beginnings

Chabad Bermuda Today

And its just the beginning

Chabad Bermuda Today

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Behind our Logo


The menorah, symbolizing the eternal Jewish flame within each soul, receives a Bermuda upgrade with a triangular shape in the center.


The triangle alludes to the iconic shape of the Bermuda Triangle, commonly associated with the island of Bermuda.


The title Chabad is a mnemonic for the three processes a person goes through when exploring his Judaism: "wisdom, understanding, application." This three-stage process, for which Chabad is named, is symbolized by the triangle.

In Kabbalistic thought, the number three corresponds to tiferet, beauty and harmony. Chabad Bermuda strives for a harmonious connection between the community, visitors and Judaism.


Chairman's Message

Gilad Hayeem

As an entrepreneur who is deeply engaged in various startupsthat span multiple sectors, I take great pride in co-founding Chabad Bermuda alongside Rabbi Chaim and Brett Lefkowitz.  I am honored to be serving as Chabad Bermuda’s chairman during these pivotal early stages and to play a role in bringing the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s vision to life. 

A vital link between our past and future, Chabad epitomizes warmth, connectivity, and a profound respect for the broader community, its core values mirroring those of Bermuda.  I am confident that Chabad’s presence will bring boundless joy to the island and am excited to be part of this historic endeavor.

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