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Letter to Department of Immigration

Chief Immigration Officer

I, the undersigned, declare that I either 1) reside permanently in Bermuda, or 2) regularly visit Bermuda for either business or leisure purposes, or 3) have visited Bermuda previously and would be interested in visiting in future.

During my time in Bermuda, I unfortunately have not been able to find facilities which cater to basic requirements of Orthodox Jewish worship, for example the strict practice of Kashrut (keeping Kosher) and the attendance of regular Sabbath and Festival prayer services, all of which either (i) makes my time in Bermuda more religiously challenging, or (ii) makes me less able or inclined to visit Bermuda on a regular basis.

Thus, I, the undersigned, strongly support the intention of GANI to establish a Chabad House in Bermuda and the granting of a work permit to permit Rabbi Chaim Birnhack to be lawfully employed by GANI as the first Orthodox Rabbi in Bermuda and to establish a Chabad House which will benefit both residents and visitors alike.

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