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Kosher Bermuda

Yes, you can keep Kosher in Bermuda— quite easily, in fact.

Kosher Food

Most food in Bermuda is imported from the United States, Canada and the UK, so local supermarkets have a fairly wide selection of kosher foods by default.

Common supermarkets which carry a variety of kosher products are:

● MarketPlace (order online here)

● Lindo's Family Foods

● Miles Market

Kosher products from supermarkets most likely will not be Cholov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel or Bishul Yisroel. Although Stores do carry kosher bread and occasionally it is Pas Yisrael.

Bartenura Moscato can sometimes be found at Price Rite in Warwick.


Please note:

➔ Food is generally up to three times more expensive than in the US.

➔ Due to the nature of the island, many foods are seasonal and cannot always be found in local grocery stores.

➔ All supermarkets in Bermuda may close early on Sundays.

Catered Food

Currently, there is no kosher caterer, restaurant or food service in Bermuda.

Personal Food

Bermuda customs has regulations for the international import of food.

● You may bring up to 20 pounds of kosher meat per person in your luggage, provided the meat comes from an approved country and is for personal consumption only. Most meat from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand are allowed.

● Meat should be pre-packaged under a brand name and bear the official inspection seal of the country's meat inspection authority.

● Fruits, vegetables and plant products (seeds, etc.) must be declared upon arrival. Certain produce such as carrots, sweet potatoes and corn are prohibited.


Check the customs regulations here.

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