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Learn Jewish, Think Jewish


Whatever questions you have, there is an answer from the Torah. An answer that will broaden your horizons, give you a moral compass, or simply appeal to you spiritually and emotionally.

Chabad Bermuda wants to make Torah as accessible to you as possible.

Browse our courses, choose the time that suits you, or book a private study session tailored to your interests. Don’t worry about your level of knowledge; there's something for everyone.

Build Torah into your week. Your Jewish soul will thank you.

Lunch n' Learn

During your lunch break, don’t just feed your body. Feed your soul.

You can deepen your Jewish knowledge while enjoying a kosher lunch and camaraderie in the heart of downtown.

Lunch. Learn. Network.

Tuesday, 12:30 P.M. @ Chabad

*Includes kosher lunch


Torah Hour

Did you know that there is a new portion of the Torah every week? And that its message is timely and current?

Join us for a weekly group study focusing on that particular section. Each week will be a self-contained discussion so you can jump in at any time, no prior knowledge required.

Wednesday, 7:00 P.M. Location

*Includes kosher refreshments

Coffee and Kabbalah

Enliven your Shabbat morning

Join us on a journey into the world of Kabbalah, the mystical teachings, and learn how to apply these profound studies to your daily life.

This interactive course is suitable for all levels.

Shabbat, 10:30 A.M. @ Chabad

*Coffee and refreshments will be served

Breakfast Tray

Torah and Tea

Exclusively for women

Join us for steaming tea and nibbles as we discuss a range of Jewish issues from a feminine viewpoint. Deepen your Jewish perspective of the world around you.

Tuesday, 1:00 P.M. @ Chabad

*Tea and refreshments will be served

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

In the Jewish world, nothing says adulthood more than a bar or bat mitzvah.

Celebrations matter, but a bar or bat mitzvah is also a reminder that your child is part of an entire community.

Preparatory learning provides an opportunity for your child to build relationships, especially with G-d, and begin the journey of making Judaism meaningful.

Chabad Bermuda offers tutoring that:

● prepares your child for their day

● creates confident stars of the show

● impresses the importance of this milestone

Reach out to Rabbi Chaim to talk about your child's preparations and celebration.


Personalized Learning

Have questions? Looking for answers?

Want to study some Torah?

Realizing the need for personalized Torah learning, Chabad Bermuda offers a unique one-on-one personal study program where you can pursue the Jewish subject of your choice.

Whether it's Aleph Bet, Talmud, Jewish Law, the weekly Torah Portion, Jewish Philosophy, or Kabbalah, you name it, Rabbi Chaim or Menuchy are your ultimate study partners.

Can't make it to us?

We'll come to your home, office or learn by the phone.

Host a Class

Looking to host a Jewish Learning get-together for your family or friends?

Whether it’s in honor of the anniversary of a loved one's passing, your birthday, or just to satisfy your curious mind, Rabbi Chaim is able to come to your home or office and lead an engaging discussion on a relevant Jewish topic.

Just drop us a note below and we’ll be in touch to coordinate.

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