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Jewish Lifecycle

We have you coverd

Chabad Bermuda complements the vibrant Jewish life in Bermuda as a warm family home amidst a sandy backdrop.

An island can present a challenge to Jewish observance, but Chabad Bermuda has your back with all kinds of resources to make your life meaningful and easy.

Mezuzah? Tefillin? Shabbat candles?

Given with love, from our family to you.

Bris and Baby Naming

Mazal Tov!

Parenthood brings many learning curves, but naming your baby should not be one of them.

Contact us to arrange a bris for your son or naming ceremony for your daughter.

Make their Jewish naming the seamless, joyful experience it should be.


Bar and Bat Mitzvah

In the Jewish world, nothing says adulthood more than a bar or bat mitzvah.

Celebrations matter, but a bar or bat mitzvah is also a reminder that your child is part of an entire community.

Preparatory learning provides an opportunity for your child to build relationships, especially with G-d, and begin the journey of making Judaism meaningful.

Reach out to Rabbi Chaim to talk about your child's preparations and celebration


Congratulations on your engagement.

We bless you to build a warm, loving, nurturing Jewish home.

A Jewish marriage begins with a chuppah, and chuppah and Bermuda are made in heaven.

Contact Rabbi Chaim to discuss officiating at your wedding

IMG_8203 (3).JPG


The stronghold of a Jewish marriage—in Bermuda

Mikvah is one of the most important and vital institutions for any community.

The Mikvah gives the gift of purity to the individual, the community, and the Jewish people as a whole.

Currently, there is no mikvah in Bermuda. If you need the mikvah during your stay, please contact Mrs. Menuchy Birnhack and she will assist you.

End of Life

Our tradition encompasses all of life, day and night, light and dark.

Even in the most difficult situations - the impending and then actual loss of a loved one- here is a Torah way that strengthens us, guides us, and helps us grow.

The Birnhacks are here for you,

especially in times of need.

Contact us for support in times of grief, help with arrangements, funeral services, shiva services, or anything else you need.

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